Ruby is a strong believer of Karma, she feels if you do good to others, if you help people around you, if you spread love & happiness – we are moving towards a more secure society.  She had a very protective childhood in her native India, her parents were always there to fulfil all her needs; yet she never stopped looking beyond the horizon….from a very young age she wanted to do something significant for the society. Her life took a turn when she got married and came to Switzerland. Ruby never stopped to learn – she had two beautiful kids who were her priority in life. She has always worked part-time as she wanted to spend quality time with her kids and at the same time do something significant for the society. As a multitasker, she balanced her family, social & work life very well – she is a very popular Professor, Secretary of Indian Association Lausanne, Vice President of Swiss Riviera Toastmasters Club and active Member of Conseil General of her commune.

In this podcast episode Ruby shares with us her nine steps for achieving continuous learning using the acronym: E. D. U. C. A. T. I. O. N. Listen in to Ruby and Jo-Ann learn more so you too, can start applying them to your daily life.