Juliette Gedeomme is passionate about entrepreneurship.

As a young woman, she believes that each person has potential to make an impact in our society. She chooses to stay in French Guiana when a lot of people are attracted by the way of life abroad. She says, “I choose to stay in my country because I believe in our economy and our potential." 

The decision to be an entrepreneur was taken when she was young. She recognized that she had a lot of energy and creativity and that there is no job on this earth that can satiate her.  Even though she has not created her company yet, it is a work in progress.

Her parents are from Haïti. In 2015, she traveled for the first time to the country.  For her, it was an opportunity to know where she is from. “See the village of my mother, play with children and enjoy the simplicity of my life, which all helped me to become a better person”. In may 2018, she returned to Haïti to participate in “Elan Haïti” an international program with 99 other young people who were working on different projects for their countries.  At the end of her stay, she decided to visit the place where her dad was born.  Today, equipped with this experience, she knows exactly where she is going in business. She confesses that sometimes she was blocked because, she was aware that there are questions which needed some answers. “Being an entrepreneur you should have responsibilities.  If you are not solving a personal problem, you will put your stress on your team and that is a danger for your management.” She said this because she lived the same situation when she was an employee.

Listen in to Jo-Ann and Juliette's conversation.  Learn more from this very inspiring founder in the making.